More Xmas Larch

by delarue

More free stuff from the Larch vaults. The Xmas song that opens the Brooklyn band’s latest free download-only ep, The Xmas Larch, is sort of an inside deal – you pretty much have to be in the band to get it. But the rest of the obscurities here are killer. There’s the snide, shapeshifting Hardcore Cellphones, which sounds a lot like Love Camp 7 (whose soon-to-be-released latest collection is reputedly phenomenal), a portrait of a “disenchanted dialed drunk.” There’s also the gorgeously jangly psychedelic pop masterpiece The Persuaders – an anti-Xmas song if there ever was one – and the surprisingly loud, Celtic-tinged Penny-O, a punk pop rarity from the Brooklyn band’s early days. Download it free here.