Great New Tracks from the Brixton Riot

by delarue

Isn’t it great when a band is aware what their best stuff is? So many aren’t – or are swinging and missing at what they think their audience likes best. New Jersey rockers the Brixton Riot’s latest single is the swirly, dreampop-tinged Signal to Noise, something that’ll resonate most with fellow rockers who’ve spent time in the studio. It’ll be on their forthcoming Palace Amusements album in 2012.

The other stuff on their soundcloud page is even better. Hipster Turns 30 might sound at first like it’s sympathetic, but it’s not, and it’s a classic. There’s also the excellent, cynical singalong Battle of the Band and another killer anthem, Deal with the Devil. And you better – because if you don’t deal with the devil then the devil’s gonna deal with you!