Freebies from New Amsterdam Records

by delarue

How about some free music from one of the most cutting-edge labels around? Starting December 5 at 10 AM, New Amsterdam Records will be putting up a new album every day for the following five days for free download. December 5’s album will be Sarah Kirkland Snider’s excellent Penelope album, a lushly uneasy avant garde antiwar suite told from the point of view of Odysseus’ wife, with Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond on vocals. The label is keeping mum on what else is in the pipeline: you’ll have to hit their fundraising page every day in order to find out.

The reason they’re doing this is to sweeten the pot for their DIY Kickstarter-style fundraising campaign: on the high end, ten grand gets you dinner with Kirkland Snider plus her co-directors William Brittelle and Judd Greenstein, plus a private concert featuring a label artist at a location of your choice within 2 hours of NYC, plus a thank-you in the liner notes on all 2012 NA releases, plus VIP admission to all the label’s artists’ concerts in 2012, plus the label’s full back catalog, plus all kinds of autographed stuff. Obviously, there are plenty of other rewards for considerably less than five figures.

What’s impressive here is that unlike a whole lot of other labels, New Amsterdam has figured out that people aren’t willing to buy a pig in a poke anymore: music fans want to hear what it is they’re being asked to purchase. And it goes without saying that if you like, say, the new yMusic album – one of the label’s 2011 highlights – on mp3, you’ll REALLY like how the cd sounds.

Now if they’d only do vinyl…