It’s Open Season in the Larch Vaults

by delarue

What if Squeeze, or Elvis Costello, or for that matter, Robyn Hitchcock opened up his vaults and started to give away stuff? That’s what Brooklyn band the Larch – who evoke a lot of all three of those acts – have started doing. There’s a free download of The Larch by the Book ep of songs influenced by literature (Free Kick, on the Bat Boy Signs Up album; Chimera and Red Planet, from the 2008 sci-fi extravaganza Gravity Rocks; and The Long Tail, which is even funnier now than it was when it came out last year on Larix Americana).

There’s more free stuff: the cleverly twisted single Bat Boy Signs Up and its even better b-side, The Fall; The Larch a la Strings, a collection of the band’s adventures in chamber pop; and best of all, the Larix ep, which is three of the best tracks from Larix Americana (With Love from Region One, Strawberry Coast, and Tracking Tina, the Orwellian masterpiece that made at least one top ten list last year.