Mickey PG – Rated R for LMFAO

by delarue

Today’s free download is by Boston acoustic punk rocker Mickey PG, whose new album, Mickey PG Comes of Age is available at his bandcamp. He cites the Brooklyn What’s frontman Jamie Frey as his #1 inspiration, which makes sense considering that both artists’ sense of humor is similiar – it might seem self-deprecating, but it’s actually a lot more complicated, and cerebral. This guy is sort of a cross between Ween and Jonathan Coulton – sometimes on the nerdy side, but LMFAO funny. The band is just him and his drummer Nate Baum: the songs are simple, catchy acoustic punk, like the Violent Femmes or the Dead Milkmen. It wouldn’t be fair to give away the jokes because they’re so good, and he fires them off one after the other. Some of them are good-natured, like the first track, about a short guy trying to steal a taller guy’s girlfriend. “Tell your Goliath not to step on me…I’ve got a friend that he should call, her name is Gina and she plays basketball,” he reasons.

Dumpster Dive is for everybody with big education (and big student loans) who can’t get a job: the kids in this one went to Harvard, but they’re working at Burger King. Surprisingly, the funniest song here is Give Me Back My Calculator, which takes a theme that’s been done to death – dorky guy trying to get a hot girl – and injects it with fresh blood. The story works because it gets absolutely brutal toward the end. Mickey PG is is especially good with innuendo, which is why his songs about masturbation and losing one’s virginity are so funny – he never mentions either one directly. There’s also a song about Harry Potter and a love song for a character from a tv sitcom. If you get a chance to see this guy live, you should – like all good comedians, he thrives on opportunities to be spontaneous. You can interpret that any way you like. That’s the kind of phrase he’d have a great time with.