Gorgeous Oldschool Soul From the One and Nines

by delarue

Over the past couple of years, New Jersey retro soul band the One and Nines have been putting out gorgeous, oldschool analog singles – on vinyl! They’ve got a brand-new one out today that’s as warm and memorable as anything else they’ve done. The A-side, Tell Me (an original, not the Stones/Dead Boys song) has scurrying guitar, fat punchy horns and a groove that’s somewhere between soul and oldschool Jamaican rocksteady. Guitarist Jeff Marino takes the lead vocal on this one; at the end,there’s a big, deliciously blustery guitar/trumpet outro. The B-side, Make It Easy, has the One and Nines’ signature sound, and frontwoman Vera Sousa gives it her most buttery, gently irresistible delivery yet. Live onstage, she’s a ferociously intense, Aretha-style performer; this is something of a shock…the best kind. In addition to vinyl, the single is also available in the usual digital formats.