Don’t Evacuate

by delarue

The time has come for New Yorkers to stand up for our rights. Michael Bloomberg is using the spectre of a “hurricane” as a pretext for instituting martial law. Don’t fall for it. Don’t evacuate this weekend, whether or not you live in one of the areas designated by the mayor as an evacuation zone.

Remember the last time a “hurricane” came through Manhattan? It got a little drizzly that day. Bloomberg was roundly criticized for being caught unawares when that big snowstorm hit last winter – something that could have happened to any mayor, actually. So now he’s paranoid about potential fallout in the event of another big storm.

The “hurricane”also provides convenient cover for a trial run to see how well full-blown fascism will work here. Where are all the evacuees going to go? Is Bloomberg going to put them all on charter flights to his private resort in the Bahamas? He could afford that if he wanted to.

And how are all the people who live in the evacuation zones going to leave when the subway and all the buses stop running at noon on Saturday?

What are the cops going to do to the people who haven’t evacuated? Shoot them?

What’s next? Albany gets a couple of inches of snow and Bloomberg declares a state of emergency?

If Bloomberg really cared about the safety of New Yorkers, he would have encouraged people to stay indoors while radioactive rain from Fukushima fell on this city for almost two solid weeks. He’d work to shut down the Indian Point nuclear plant.

This is all about power. Power corrupts. Bloomberg got a third term. He outlawed smoking in public parks and on the beach. He snarled traffic so badly with his stupid bike lanes that congestion pricing, another one of his pipe dreams, might actually come to fruition. And now he wants absolute, total control. Pure fascism. New York Music Daily says no to that. Stand your ground. Don’t evacuate.